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Decarbonizing the process industry by turning waste heat into a resource

From chemical to paper industries, Geotherm Electric designs and develops waste heat recovery networks tailored to a plant's needs, ensuring optimal use of every kilowatt of heat for maximum CO2 reductions and energy savings.


Reduce energy consumption

Our digital twin models take into account the entire heat balance at a factory making sure significant reductions in gas consumption are realized.


Reduce carbon emissions

Heat recovery is THE solution to reduce CO2 emissions in factories without losing the competitive edge.

A carbon neutral industry

Why waste heat recovery?

At Geotherm Electric, we see that the energy transition is the greatest challenge of our time. For the world to meet the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 °C, emissions must peak in 2025 and fall rapidly afterwords. Waste heat recovery is a proven and net present value (NPV) positive solution to reduce CO2-emissions and stay competitive. In fact, more than 40% of the required reduction in energy-related emissions to reach the Paris agreement must come from energy efficiency measures, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). The use of waste heat is the most impactful form of energy efficiency in the world.

Our solution

We make your waste heat data insightful and design the optimal solution for your plant to reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs
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Heat check
During the heat check data is gathered to get a understanding of your operations. Next, the factory's energy balance is analyzed, pinpointing where energy can be recovered. This first step provides a clear picture of the potential energy savings.



Digital twin of factory
A digital twin of the plant's heat sources and sinks is created. Applying advanced analysis techniques, the heat flows are processed and analyzed. The resulting digital twin is provided in a dashboard for quick and easy insights into your heat balance.


Heat network design
Four key methods are applied for heat network design: re-use, store, upgrade and conversion. These methods enable us to find the optimal solution for your factory, using our in-house developed models. This automated design process drastically reduces engineering time. Getting accurate designs to you in a matter of days.


Simulation of network
Historical data and future scenarios are used to simulate various configurations. This gives a clear picture of the CO2 and gas reductions. Using our pricing models, we can also provide a first business case. In our dashboard you can review and change these models, which is crucial for industrial plants with changing operational requirements.

Challenges preventing large scale waste heat recovery

Data Processing
No insight in waste heat data
Understanding waste heat data in industrial plants is tricky. Data is often unstructured, which makes getting a clear picture difficult. Fluctuations in process heat's flow, temperature, and pressure add to the challenge. This inconsistency hinders industrial plants in finding out what the value of their waste heat is and what potential solutions will fit their factory in the long run.
What is the right solution for my plant?
Lots of options are available to recover waste heat. An industrial plant can re-use, store, upgrade and turn heat-to-power. Choosing the right technology can be challenging. To gain expert knowledge about these technologies and find out which product is most suitable can take months or even years. This results in long development cycles and a loss of urgency and opportunity.
How to decarbonize and stay competitive
In most industries, getting a return on investment within 5 years is usually what it takes for a project to get the green light. This tight timeline is important to keep companies competitive. However, this requirement also causes failure for many sustainable projects. Using our digital twin software we are able to optimize on price and performance. This ensures the industrial plant stays competitive while maximizing CO2 and energy reductions.

No worries, we are here for you!


Geotherm Electric is a company founded by three brothers with one goal: Reducing CO2 emissions at industrial sites by turning waste heat into value. Over the past years our team has gained much experience and built a large network within the industrial sector. Our aim is to become a industry leader in design, engineering and implementation of waste heat networks.

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Meet The Team

Meet The Team


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Strategy and Technology

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Finance and Technology

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