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Turning waste heat into power


Geotherm Electric's mission is to reduce waste heat within the process industry. We are doing this by turning waste heat into power. Next to that cooling cost and CO2 footprint reduction is achieved.

Our goal is to build a portfolio of waste heat power plants. Geotherm Electric is bringing the costs down of waste heat power plants to make it available at any place in the world. We find it important to optimize processes in the industry as they are vital to the world. Most industries produce vast amounts of waste heat which does not get utilized. We want to apply our technology to recycle this waste heat and generate electricity. Our goal is to reach 100MWe by the end of the decade. This is enough to provide 325 thousand households of sustainable electricity.

Our mission

Our mission

Reducing waste heat within the process industry

Optimizing the industry

Our technology helps optimizing industry by making conversion from waste heat to electricity feasible.

Mitigating cooling

Implementing our technology results in cooling industrial processes which reduces cooling costs.

Clean Energy

Continuous clean electricity production makes industrial plants independent of the grid and reduces their CO2 footprint






Inception of Geotherm Electric

50-500 kWe waste heat power plant

20 MWe power plant portfolio 

Building 100 MWe capacity



Current use of waste energy for power production needs to be done at high temperatures (above 300 ℃). However, waste heat below 300 ℃ is mostly not being utilized as current cycle efficiencies are too low.

​At Geotherm Electric, we have designed an innovative power plant system which can be operated from 80℃. This game changing system makes it commercially possible to generate electricity from waste heat energy.


The integration costs associated with energy efficiency projects that convert waste heat into power often pose a significant bottleneck. In fact, these costs often surpass the expenses of the power skid itself.

Geotherm Electric offers a unique solution to this problem. We are developing software that automates the design and engineering processes of waste heat to power projects. By using this technology, we can achieve a reduction in integration costs, thereby making the conversion of waste heat into power a realistic and feasible option.


Using our design, it is possible to produce electricity using relatively low temperature.  Once our first waste heat power plant is built and proves the capabilities of our technology, Geotherm Electric intends to scale up by making our design modular. This way we can make the greatest impact on waste heat reduction.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Sebastian Krijgsman

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Floris Krijgsman

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Melchior Krijgsman

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Molengraaffsingel 12

2629 JD Delft, The Netherlands

Tel: + 31 6 45 69 68 55

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